Thunder/Physical Zon 900+ Movespeed Farming Build

Boypussy 2020-03-28 16:07:42

Pros & Cons


  • Quick map clears
  • Great for mining
  • Great for boss-farming
  • God tier boosting service
  • Fun and requires little effort to play
  • Lots of gear variation (Can go hybrid)


  • Could be outclassed by other variations (physical)
  • Not that high single-target dps
  • Slow in dungeons
  • A bit expensive


  • 1
    Master Poisoner
  • 1
    Death From Above
  • 25
  • 21
  • 1
  • 25
    Thunder Spear
  • 25
    Tropical Thunder
  • 1
    Poison Gas
  • 0


After having about 80 hours of playtime on my hardcore amazon this is the build I came up with, there's a ton of gear and skill variation that will be discussed below. With this build you'll most likely be focusing on the farming aspects of the game, grinding Shadowrealms, Bosses and Mining will be easy tasks while things that require more effort such as special dungeons would rather be left unexplored as they're not worth wasting time on.

This build is mainly a lightning build, but I will be bringing up the physical counterparts as well as some people prefer spinning over proccs

Relics: S-tier: Storm dagger, Lightning Ball, The Spoon, Amazon's Spear (DLC), Monkey King Bar, Blazing Boots, Butcher's Knife, Rock Belt, Homing Shots, The Holy Grail, Metal Detector A-tier: Golden Cube, Triforce, Silver Cube, Commands Sword, Nunchucks, Oversized, Marios Pipe C-tier and below: Dirge, Token of Luck, Spectral Arrows, Rotten Apple (You'll have to choose between Rotten Apple and Marios Pipe - personally I prefer Marios Pipe because it lets you skip boss dungeon puzzles, but Apple is important if you're playing Hardcore and want to run special dungeons such as Forgotten Temple at 3-3 or Black Tower at 1-4)

Item choices and alternatives: Stormpendant - While there are some other good options such as Elder's Heart for xp and Tal's Pendant for magicfind, I do find Stormpendant one of the more important choices that you wouldn't want to switch out as it provides you with a ton of lightning damage and lightning damage% as well as movementspeed and alltalents and attackspeed (these 5 stats will be an important focus throughout the build)

Hermes Boots - An obvious choice for a movementspeed build, here any satanic boots work, for hardcore players starting out I'd recommend switching these for Treasure Boots or Diamond boots as they provide you with good defenses, for more offensive options Tribal Boots are pretty good or Assassins boots for a hybrid kind of build.

Beatle of Life - Provides you with some extra speed and defensive stats, apple of evolution is a good offensive option that also let's you get some more physical damage, tal's deathskull is also a good option if you want to combo it together with tal's pendant for the magicfind bonus. Otherwise I'd prefer the speed from Beatle or Apple over the experience bonus from Deathskull.

Heavens Might - a very strong defensive option that makes you nearly unkillable in Inferno (be cautious around Champion and Act boss enemies still, as they deal massive damage no matter how much armor you get, for other options Mayhem is a pretty good option for Hybrid builds that I'm working on trying out as it also gives very good defensive stats along with some damage and a passive proc for more movespeed and attackspeed. I would use my reroll tokens to get my chestplate to 90%+ as early as possible.

Thunder Hands - Thunder hands aren't really that great, but there aren't many other options unless you're going hybrid, but in either case they give Lightning Damage and Movespeed, which is why I chose them before other options.

Thunder Glory - A very strong helmet, I will be listing the order of items to level up and reroll first down below, but the CDR, Thunder damage and movespeed from this item can't be ignored, along with decent defenses and attackspeed. Only other option I would consider is a very hard-to-get item which is Deaths Hood.

Shadow Buckler - Great shield, on top of a massive movespeed boost you get a ton of attackspeed, with the other alternative being Storm Gladiators Wall, Shadowbuckler gives you almost the same amount of damage, but movespeed and great defensive stats. (The difference in DPS is about 5-10% and not always noticable)

Dragonsteel Ring - Could be switched out for Stun Immunity or Trap Immunity rings, but movementspeed and attackspeed made me pick this over them. for softcore players you can opt in some damage with a mythic ring, but even then the 40+ speed you get from this is very nice while running around.

Monkeyskin Belt - another option could be Foxweave Belt, the choice between these two was decided between how much Movespeed they give, Monkeyskin being the winner while Foxweave gave higher DPS

Bottle of Radogate - Great potion, I don't think is something you'd like to switch out but I always carry a "Praetorian Blood" potion in my inventory in case a Shadowrealm becomes Satanic to bump my armor up by an additional 10-20k, stay safe.

Thunderfury - A great weapon that has very high attackspeed, you mostly rely on your Stormdagger, Lightningball and Tropical Thunder proccs for damage. Making this the great choice with tons of damage and on top of that a massive amount of movespeed. You could probably switch this out for Wargods Wrath, but Wargods Wrath has piercing on top of a much slower attackspeed meaning that Homing Shots won't work, making it a pain while running at 1000+ Movespeed (with shrine) wanting to kill enemies. With Thunderfury you can run through maps without problems.

Whilst writing this I did a Satan run, took approximately 20 seconds from leaving Town of Inoya to Satan being dead, without Shrine and without the active effect of Radogate using the items recommended, would also like to note that at hero level 0, with this gear around 90%+ and 10/10 you'll have around 60-70k armor which is more than enough to survive Satanic Shadowrealm maps, but would still cause you to be 2-shot from an act boss with stuff such as Thunder Orbiter, Thunderstorm, Arcana, Electrified, Mortar. (I highly recommend leaving the boss-room and resetting if you see these in Hardcore, Softcore players can go on and die if they like losing their relics)

Runes: Any type of runes work, I work with lightning% and magicfind% after I've fixed all my restistances to atleast 50%+. (You can probably decide what runes work best for you)

Priorities in this build: Upgrade focus: Chestplate -> Weapon -> Helmet -> Shield -> Optional

You might want to run a physical build as you're leveling up, and focus on lightning after you have at least Thunderfury and 1-2 items that scale with Lightning (such as Storm pendant and Thunder Glory) - or entirely try to make a physical version of this build if you find an Imperial Glaive or Wargods Wrath early on as Thunderfury is hard to come by in Hardcore unless you find it yourself.

There are many relics not mentioned in this build, usually ones that grant attackspeed do really well, I usually avoid most relics, here's a link to a picture of my current relics as a reference of what I think your relics should look like when finished (do note, this is again with the exact gear mentioned down below). As well as the gear I'm using, dummy DPS is 40M https://prnt.sc/rodrdf https://prnt.sc/rodt5n On your mercenary, just put magicfind, or experience mine has 30k hp and he's doing fine most of the time as we're just moving so fast that he doesn't have time to aggro and die from enemies.

Reminder that Stormdagger and Lightningball will make or break this build, the damage increase you get from those two relics is massive.

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