Akke's Season 9 Marksman Wormhole Pushing Build

Akke 2020-03-19 11:41:41

Pros & Cons


  • Insane amount of DPS
  • Efficient mob clear
  • High survivability


  • Dodge can be buggy
  • Expensive


  • 25
    Critical Attack
  • 1
  • 25
  • 20
    Homing Rocket
  • 1
    Multishot Turret
  • 1
    Arrow Rampage
  • 1
  • 1
    Grenade Throw
  • 25


This is going to be a quick summary of the (probably) strongest Marksman build this season, non-shadow items (and angelics), of course. It's a different take on this build but it follows the same principles - we are gonna use the 1-handed javelin Wargod's Wrath together with a Shadow Buckler to max out our damage and damage efficiency.


Core Concept

To go more in-depth about the core concept of this build, without repeating too much of the sister-build of this, we're going to talk about just what makes this build so incredibly good at pushing those high, end-game wormhole levels that everyone wants to achieve. As I said, the main reason to why this build is so strong is because we don't use any bows at all, not even Potency, because in comparison with Wargod's Wrath (the 1-handed Javelin, and yes, Marksman can use Javelins!), they look like trash. Potency is going to have higher dummy DPS, but you can instantly tell when clearing wormholes that it's nowhere close to the effiency as Wargod's Wrath provides you with.

Why aren't we looking for an insane amount of attack speed to maximise our Multishot talent? It's simple - from various testing with Windforce and other bows, spamming tons and tons of arrows in a constant stream actually does not do as much damage as you might think. Marksman does not have the capability of reaching several hundreds of thousands of physical damage like most other classes, and you're often gonna end up with less than 100,000 physical damage, which means that your attacks are going to be weak. That's where crit comes into play, because it's easier to maximise our damage with a second stat than it is to try to stack as much of our primary stat as we can, because we're limited to what items actually give flat physical damage. Meanwhile, critical damage and critical rate are much more common and more widely spread out, meaning that it's easier for us to stack crits in the long run.

Pierce is an extremely powerful ability, that is often overlooked, because people are so focused on rolling gunshot on their weapons, and we don't blame them! In fact, you can't get gunshot and pierce on weapons unless said weapons already have any of these abilities as a base, because you can only add one ability with an ability token. Many weapons does not have these abilities, but luckily, Wargod's Wrath does, and we can even use it for Marksman. Let's imagine a scenario where you have several packs of enemies to kill, and you want to kill them as fast as possible: assuming you're using a bow like Potency, you need to fire off many many attacks before you can kill all of the enemies, because your arrows can only hit the front-line, they will not hit the enemies after the first line of defense, so to speak. With Pierce however, it's different - you can hit all enemies at once with a single press of a button because your attacks go through all enemies and does not stop on the first enemy hit. This is also an extremely powerful combination with crit, because if you crit on your initial attack, all enemies are going to be hit by that sweet crit damage, compared to if you didn't have crit, where only the first few enemies would be critted, and the other ones after that might not be, and that slows down your clear speed by a lot.

Many of you might also wonder how we're forgetting or even ignoring the armor break on Potency - but we aren't. Instead of using the armor break of Potency, we're using the lesser armor break from the Froce runeword, which happens to be a chest that we can use. It's going to reduce the enemy armor, but to a lesser extent, but due to our weapons having pierce and all, it's actually not going to be that noticable. We will still melt enemies even on wormhole 400, which just proves what this build is capable of.

So how do we survive in wormholes without getting one-tapped? Well, the simple answer is, we don't, not initiallly anyway. The Shadow Buckler that we are using comes with a very high base dodge chance, in fact so high that we only need 8 Nut runes (dodge runes) to max out or dodge and gain that 4th stack of dodge. Sadly, dodge and block are quite buggy in the game at the moment, so while there are times where it definetely is keeping you alive, there will also be times where it won't work at all. Yet, it's the best thing we can do for survival and defense, and when it does work - it's amazing.

We talked about how we can't really get that much of a flat physical damage on Marksman, and how we usually are forced to rely on crit, but the goal of this build is actually nothing like that. What we are trying to achieve here instead, is not a full crit-build using only items, but rather balancing the both of them. We are getting what we think is a fair amount of flat physical damage, and then filling in with crit using runes and some other crit-only items, like Assassin's Shadow Boots. This has proven to be a much more efficient approach than only stacking physical damage, or only stacking crit, at least when it comes to pushing high wormhole levels. It does make complete sense, because we need damage from physical damage to actually do any damage at all - crit can only do so much on it's own, but together, they're like best friends, working hard to annihilate enemies before you.


We are not going to be using any active talents, as this is an attack build, so it's not necessary to explain the talent choice any further. That doesn't mean that you shouldn't do what works best for you, no one is judging.


You can find the equipment in this build, there's nothing fancy to it, really. It's not recommended to swap out anything for something else, we believe that this is the best possible build and we're determined to keep it like this for the forseeable future. There are no good replacements for anything, but of course, you don't need to have all of the pieces to actually start pushing - just don't expect to go very high unless you're running the complete build.


Runes are very important in this build, because you're not going to cap out crit or dodge without them. We're not going to go super detailed into why everything matters, so here's a list of what you need:

  • (8) Nut Runes
  • (13) Wii Runes.

How and where you choose to socket them doesn't really matter, unless you're swapping with the speedfarmer build now and then, so try to keep that in mind.


Find a good mythic ring with a high flat physical damage, around 5000 or more if possible, and 6 or more talents for agility (or multishot, but agility is preferred).


The only thing worth knowing is: Don't try to use the angelic bow. It's garbage.


With this build at its full capacity, you're going to be able to take down uber-reaper in about 10 seconds or so, depending on how well you play and how familiar you are with it's attack mechanisms. When you believe it's safe to do so, you should be standing pretty close to uber-reaper and try to hit all of your multishot attacks on him, because that's how you deal a lot of damage really fast. Of course, greed will be your downfall, so make sure you don't play like a fool and die because you're greedy. While this build can take him down fast, no one is watching you and you don't have to set a world record or prove anything, just kill him at your own peace so you don't waste 10 dimensional shards for nothing.


Just like with uber-reaper, this is an easy boss to take down in a metter of seconds, if you stay close to them. Just be aware of the head and the blood surges, because those can sometimes one-tap you.


We were able to try up to wormhole 400 using a Wargod's Wrath, but you certainly can go much higher than that once you learn how to properly play this build. Just keep in mind that you aren't immortal because of your high dodge chance, things will still one-tap you, even if it's a bug or not, so you need to play carefully and avoid every attack if you can.

Final Words

This should be the strongest Marksman build, so enjoy it. It took us a lot of time to absolutely perfect this build, but we finally did it, and after some consideration, we even decided to share it with you. So go and push those high wormholes levels, and thank us for the success in the comments below!

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