Akke's Season 9 Speedfarm Marksman

Akke 2020-03-16 23:00:10

Pros & Cons


  • Inherently high movement speed
  • Insanely fast clear
  • High single-target damage
  • Can take up to 200-ish wormholes fine
  • Cheap items and cheap runes
  • Does not use skills
  • Can use a shield for dodge


  • Rely a lot on runes and good rolled weapon
  • Bad without gunshot
  • Only uses basic attacks to do damage


  • 25
    Critical Attack
  • 1
  • 25
  • 20
    Homing Rocket
  • 1
    Multishot Turret
  • 1
    Arrow Rampage
  • 1
  • 1
    Grenade Throw
  • 25


When it comes to marksman we're usually thinking about badass 2-handed bows that fire really fast, because that's what Marksman is all about, right? Wrong! It has been tested and proven that an insanely high APS marksman build is not efficient at clearing inferno maps and is not capable of dealing with higher wormholes. A lot of people are also forgetting a core mechanic of marksman, he's not forced to use 2-handed bows - he can, just like the Amazon, use 1-handed javelins.

This is a very down-to-earth and noob-friendly build that is also extremely powerful and cheap to build, because it uses items no other class relies on. There are two variants of this build that I will cover, but primarily this is going to be a crit focused build, and no, crit is not dead!

The Markslin - Marksman with a Javelin

Despite all the nerfs and what people think about crit, it's not a dead playstyle, at least not for the Marksman. This season with runewords introduced, we can actually build a very good and efficient farmer build using crits for marksman, and it even plays out very well in higher wormholes. The other core factor of this build is that we're going to be using a javelin and a shield, which may seem weird to many, but it's actually really good and I can't believe people did not know this was possible.

By using a javelin, we can also use a shield, which is great for wormholes because it can provide us with enough dodge without having to use Nut runes. Not only that though, it can also boost our damage even further, and it lets us work on our crits even more, which are limited if you're using a bow. We're also going to be using 4 different runewords, and this might be the only class that actually uses that many.

Another great benefit with this build is that a lot of our items, at least in the crit build, have movement speed stats. This means that you'll easily reach 700 MS and even more with relics, and you'll blaze through maps oneshotting everything. This would not be possible if you're using a 2-handed bow.


Basic-Attacks with Crits

This is a very straight-forward basic attacker build, we're not going to use abilities for anything other than mobility because all of our damage comes from taking advantage of the weapon ability on our weapon, which I'm going to talk about later on in this build.

Because it's a crit build, we're going to max out everything that makes our basic attacks stronger:

  • (25 points) into Critical Attack.
  • (25 points) into Multishot.
  • (25 points) into Ability.
  • (20 points) into Homing Rocket or Arrow Rampage.

If you want you can choose arrow rampage instead of Homing Rocket, which makes your AoE clear better, but believe me, you do not need more AoE clear.

Physical Damage with Skills

You can also choose not to build crits, and that leaves us with way more physical damage than we have otherwise. Meaning that we can actually put our skills to good use.

  • (25 points) into Multishot.
  • (25 points) into Multishot Turret.
  • (25 points) into Arrow Rampage.
  • (20 points) into Agility.

It's going to require more map control on your part, as your focus is going to be needed to keep your turrets alive and well-placed, so it might be more difficulty for a beginner to play, but it's also a lot safer. If you can master the gameplay with Marksmans skills, you'll see amazing results.


I'm going to go through the equipment for the two variants of this build, one for crit (the primary build) and the one for the physical build. What to know about building Marksman though is that the set is garbage. If you don't have any of these items, feel free to use runewords or mythics, but do NOT use marksman set items, especially if you're the physical build because they do not give any flat physical damage at all.

Under no circumstance should you use a 2-handed bow because it will not be good, so buy a wargods before you attempt to build this.

(Default) Crits

  • (Amulet) Raven's Claw: This is going to be one of our primary items that I do not recommend that you swap out for anything, not even XP or MF items. It's also very hard to replace with a mythic, so make sure you get this amulet as soon as possible.
  • (Helmet) Lightforge: Excellent helmet for our purpose and easily the BiS item. If you can't afford it, you can get a Demon Warlord's Helm as a budget option.
  • (Weapon) Wargod's Wrath: A 1-handed javelin? Absolutely! Amazing weapon with a pierce ability that will let you clear maps really fast, and that pierce ability is the main reason to why it's the best weapon for marksman currently, after shadowfury that also has pierce. It's better than potency because of this as well, even if it has slightly less DPS. Don't worry about the attack speed either, as long as you have gunshot rolled on it you will be fine, without gunshot though, it's not gonna be as easy to play this build, or marksman at all.
  • (Chest) Force: Best in slot chest for sure. You could argue that dark shroud is better, but that only gives us 13% extra crit chance, compared to the extra damage Force gives us, which is more worth. Also, force has armor reduction, which is super useful against bosses.
  • (Shield) Bloodward: You never thought you would see this shield be used in a build? This should is actually the best shield for us, as it gives us damage and crits. It also gives us life per hit which is essential to survival, and all resistances.
  • (Ring) Dragonsteel Ring: Excellent for speedfarming. Want more damage? Use a mythic ring.
  • (Belt) Commander's Sash: Gives us plenty more crit and more importantly, speed and attack speed. I would not really recommend using a mythic belt instead, we don't need all talents in this build.
  • (Flask) Bottle of Radogate: The speedfarmers best friend, for more speed and an insane speed boost that allows us to farm even faster!
  • (Gloves) Breach Gauntlets: It gives us attack speed, crits, life per hit and a lot more. Easily the best gloves for us, cheap to make too.
  • (Boots) Assassin's Shadow Boots: The ultimate crit boots. Want more speed? Use hermes.
  • (Charm) Havoc: Yet another runeword that is great for us because it gives us 75% more crit damage at level 1, which is insanely good. More flat physical is also good to boost our crit damage further.

(Secondary) Physical

I'm not going to re-list every single item, but only list the ones that I would swap out for more physical damage.

  • (Amulet) Rift Warrior's Skull: Gives us A LOT of physical damage. Without this, we're going to be WEAK.
  • (Helmet) The Colossal Avenger: We're not going to need the crits from Lightforge, so we're using the colossal avenger instead, which is also cheaper to get.
  • (Shield) Rift Eye: We don't need the crits from Blood Ward, and Rift Eye gives us attack speed and more physical damage.
  • (Belt) Any Mythic: Get a mythic with high physical damage, there's nothing better.
  • (Gloves) Warmasters Tribal Paws: Gives us physical damage and attack speed.
  • (Boots) Assassin's Boots: Gives us more physical damage and attack speed.
  • (Charm) Apple of Evolution: Will give us more speed than Havoc, and it has physical damage and attack speed.

The physical build is way cheaper because you don't have to spend so much on runewords. It's recommended if you're not really that rich or play a lot.


Runes are actually going to be pretty cheap and easy to obtain because we're only going to be using Dau runes. If you want to cap crit chance, use Wii.


First of all, I do not recommend playing Marksman at all, with any build, if you can't roll Gunshot on your weapon. You're going to be trash without it.

With that out of the way, the gameplay of this build is very easy. You just oneshot everything with your pierce effect on Wargod's Wrath, which makes it so you actually clear maps a lot faster. It's really nice, and works like a budget replacement for shadowfury at the same time!

Using the physical build, it's going to take more skills to use your abilities correctly, but you want to make sure your turrets are up at all times and that they're actually hitting enemies and not doing nothing. Aim your arrow rampage and stun enemies with your traps if needed. Your Disengage can work like a budget pipe too.


This build is not meant to do wormholes or any end-game content, it's for strict farming with as much speed and efficiency as possible. However it is possible to do wormholes with it, but don't expect to go very high.


In wormholes we're going to change up the build a bit, because without doing that we're not gonna be able to take on high wormholes, but it doesn't destroy the core concept of the build, so it's actually good.

We're not going to use Blood Ward, but instead use Shadow Buckler. This is because it provides us with a lot of dodge, which we will need to stay alive and not get 1 shot by literally everything. After that we're going to put in a few nut runes until we hit the dodge cap, and that's it.

With the above modifications you're easily going to climb above 300 with no hero levels and un-diced gear. Amazing, right?


Use attack speed and movement speed relics.

Final Words

I put this build together after not being able to find any viable build for Marksman. I struggled with pretty much every 2-handed bow in the game before I realise I could just as well use a 1-handed javelin for better results. Wooxy helped me with a bit of testing to find the best runewords for the build, and we came up with a build that might actually be the best marksman build as of now, at least for speed farming. Regardless, it's way better than potency because Wargods Wrath uses pierce to clear maps, which pretty much triples our clear speed.

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