Necro op yes

Control the Spice 2020-03-11 06:32:39

Pros & Cons


  • easy to start ( any gear works [ literally ] )
  • easy to finish ( works even better with good gear )
  • ez exp farming in high wh levels


  • its boring
  • sometimes ai get clumsy and you lose 1 or 2 seconds


  • 1
    Cursed Hands
  • 25
    Skeleton Mauler
  • 0
    Homing Wisp
  • 25
    Summon Mastery
  • 25
    Summon Frenzy
  • 1
    Meat Bomb
  • 0
    Soul Channel
  • 23
    Poison Nova
  • 0
    Bone Spear


Now this build focuses on being stupid and requiring absolutely nothing except for a Tombstone and as many Rex(i) runes as you can afford.

Everything you will do is stand around and hold down your 2nd spell ( summon frenzy ) so your minions have a bigger aggro radius.

Very easy to do.

Especially when you just started the season and can't afford anything else.

Really good since it's a base class, so you don't need to own any DLC.

Great usage of equipment slots.

Or rune slots.

New players will love this.

Noobs too. ( not that I am judging anyone )

Already Inferno speedfarm viable as soon as you find your first mythics.

Guaranteed best XP value, since you can just spam every slot full with xp gear and you won't even notice.

I personally am playing this build right now and can easily push WH as well, without every taking damage.

Very very boring though.

Everything will die without you having to do anything.

You will notice the extreme power spike after your first poison weapon.

Or any other poison satanic.

Unbelievable at first, but you will see.

U need anything more to start this build? I didn't think so.

Pretty much just copy every item in this build, slap rex runes on it so you reach 100% block and you are fine.

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  • 2020-04-09 02:39:41

    Did I just get rick rolled?