Standard s9 Necromancer (Set)

Akke 2020-03-08 01:43:37

Pros & Cons


  • Extremely fast farmer with the new frenzy skill
  • Minions are very tanky and can take aggro instead of you
  • Great AOE and single target damage
  • Easy to play


  • Requires a full set which is expensive
  • Wonky minion AI


  • 1
    Cursed Hands
  • 25
    Skeleton Mauler
  • 1
    Homing Wisp
  • 25
    Summon Mastery
  • 20
    Summon Frenzy
  • 1
    Meat Bomb
  • 1
    Soul Channel
  • 25
    Poison Nova
  • 1
    Bone Spear


Necromancer got a massive rework and a lot of buffs with the start of Season 9, after have been completely useless the previous three seasons, and this has pulled him way to the top becoming one of the best classes to play currently. In this build I'm going to go through how to properly utilise his skillset, what to build and how he works.

Starting Out

Starting out with the necromancer at the beginning is going to be very slow because you don't have any fast boots (unless you craft Quickstep, which I highly recommend you do) and because you don't unlock his Frenzy skill until level 24. Of course, he's still very playable and does the job fine. When leveling, you should always focus on maxing out your minions as well as your summon mastery talent as that is going to be your primary source of damage, until you get poison nova which is something you need to max out too. The rest of his skills don't really matter, but I recommend his wisps because they explode and do more AOE.

It is important to know that magic damage doesn't scale like in the previous season, so you NEED to be building poison damage if you want to be dealing damage.

When farming or trading for your first satanics, you need to focus on these type of items in the following order:

  1. Weapon
  2. Boots
  3. Amulet
  4. Belt/Ring

We do this because these are the only satanics that can hold percentile values, and because damage from a weapon early on is crucial to be able to do inferno at a reasonable speed. You should also craft a Quickstep as soon as possible so you can get more movement speed and level up faster.


Weapon: Clafaxier

The reason we're choosing clafaxier over any other weapon, like the Ceremonial Dagger is because it's a 1 handed ranged weapon with a fairly high attack speed, which leaves us open to a shield slot to use. You can substitute this with the new Will of Thanos but if it's worth it end-game or not is currently not known, as no one has been able to properly playtest with it yet.

Full Necromancer Set

The main reason the minions are so good in this build is because their ability to tank even the strongest end-game content there is: Uber Reaper. With the set equipped, which doubles their damage and their health, literally nothing kills them - and even if they can die, it takes a lot of effort. It's a minion-build, so obviously we're going to go for the set.

Shield: Plague Aegis

We're going for the Plague Aegis over the other shield, Ward of Toxcitity because it scales better as you level it up. It's a simple choice that needs no further explanation.

Amulet: Ritual Pendant

This is an extremely powerful as it has both percentile poison damage and all talents, you're not going to find anything stronger, not even using mythic amulets. Because of this, the amulet is something we want to obtain even before the set, if possible.

Gloves: Vipers Hands

The only poison gloves we can actually use.

Ring: Ra's Band

There are actually a few rings we can use in this build, but we're going to go for Ra's Band for pure damage. You could also go Dragonsteel Ring (speed and attack speed) or even Demon Eye Ring (all talents).

Belt: Assasins Belt

Yes, that's how it's spelled. The newest poison belt is great for us.

Potion: Maggot Eye Elixir

The maggot eye elixir will give us a flat 1000 elemental damage on use, which synergises well with our Ra's Band Ring, and it also gives us more percentile elemental damage, which makes us even stronger.

Charm: Wasteland Sigil

The only charm we can use.


The main reason why this build is so strong for speed farming and gameplay in general is because your minions become so fast with the frenzy skill and you literally don't even have to attack anything yourself, just get as much movement speed as possible (like using Hermes boots for example) and run through the map like a maniac. The minions will follow you and obliterate EVERYTHING in their path, making it a great choice for mobile players.

Furthermore, you can summon three different types of minions: melee skeletons, ranged mages and melee legions. The melee minions apply stacks of poison DoT when hitting enemies, the mages fire off chain lightnings that bounces between enemies and damaging them (as well as being the only minion that fires homing wisp) and the legions are just tanky melee minions that don't really do anything. However, it's important to note that necromancer summons minions in a different way than before. He used to summon them with separate talents, but now it has all been put into a single talent and you will unlock more types of minions as you put more points into it. The necromancers minions also have the ability to proc his passive skills like poison nova, DNA pattern and homing wisp (mages only), which means that they have their own chance to fire these abilities when they're attacking.

We don't use the bone spear in this build despite it being a nova, and poison nova is good. This is because it's not a proc and the cooldown is extremely high and even with max cooldown reduction it's neglible.

End-Game: Uber Death

This build is completely capable of killing uber death in about 20 seconds or so, depending on how maxed our your gear is.

The key to beating him and not dying is to let your minions tank his soul skills that are fired in a circle, which you can do by just standing behind them when he begins casting it. When the lantern spawns, you need to re-summon your minions and frenzy them to make sure they hit the lantern and kill it. You don't have to worry about them ever dying in this fight, because they won't - and if you play properly, you won't either.


Runes doesn't really matter, but as usual you can go for either poison gems, or poison satanic runes. You can also go for more attack speed if you wish.


Relics in this build are fairly straight forward, you want relics that increases your own attack speed, movement speed, poison damage as well as all talents. Don't forget to grab a MKB or Holy Bible for flight, and the new Metal Detector relic to detect ore veins on the map.

Gear Alternatives

There are a few items you can swap out for cheaper, less sought-after but still good alternatives.

  • Weapons: Wormclaw, Ceremonial Dagger.
  • Boots: Hermes Boots (because more speed = faster clear).
  • Rings: Demon Eye Ring, Dragonsteel Ring
  • Potion: Ghostly Potion (interesting combo, should make enemies aggro your minions instead of you which is super helpful), Bottle of Radogate (more speed!), Elixir of Death (increased damage).

It's also possible to substitute some of the weaker satanics with mythics, but what's important to remember is that you can't upgrade them in the future, meaning that if you're planning to do end-game content, they will fall off pretty fast. Mythic rings are really good when it comes to stats, and mythics can roll percentile damage where satanics can't.

Comments (2)

  • Akke
    2020-03-08 10:03:21

    Obtaining the full set without trading is going to be difficult, but it's possible. It comes down to how dedicated you are. It's still playable without the set since mythics are so strong, just don't expect amazing results.

  • 2020-03-08 06:47:41

    How viable would this be without trading? Solely by farming from scratch. This is my first time playing the game. I've started several different classes (and played them to level 10-15), but since I prefer to play the game with a controller, I don't really want to auto-attack with the right stick, so I want to play a class that can (almost) exclusively use movement and skills. And I hate trading in games, so want to try doing it self-found if that's at all viable.