Wooxy's Season 9 Shockadin

Akke 2020-03-05 02:49:11

Pros & Cons


  • Safe mining/league starter
  • Easy to play
  • Fast clearspeed
  • High mobility


  • Nerfed since season 8
  • Lacks single target dps
  • Low wormhole max


  • 1
    Shield Slam
  • 1
    Mending Aura
  • 1
    Steel Shields
  • 1
    Holy Hammer
  • 25
    Lightning Fury
  • 25
    Divine Shield
  • 20
    Holy Shock Aura
  • 1
    Holy Nova
  • 25
    Righteous Fury


This is Wooxy's build, all credit goes to him.

  • I am writing this up with Wooxy's permission in an attempt to make Hero Siege more accessible and to give players a quick reference.

  • Please check out and support Wooxy here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCs3JxJ5EXi5IcrwSiZQYh1A

  • Wooxy's video guide for this build: https://youtu.be/jvh-2ruJzkc

  • Google Doc reference for runewords, relics, socketables and abilities: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1aQhUXTuEPBwyfeuJeZSKUjA5AraDCapc2HjY9rfcReI/edit#gid=0

Build Concept

This build utilizes high attack speed and scaling lightning/elemental damage to get maximum benefit from Lightning Fury. Other skills contribute to the damage and survivability of the class, making it a solid league starter and great for mining.


Leveling with Shockadin is a breeze. If you get enough mana regeneration to sustain hammers then you can put points into that as needed and one-shot almost everything up until Inferno. If you're struggling with mana you can max Lightning Fury and try to find a weapon with good attack speed.


Shockadin is one of those builds where you can bind everything to one key and hold it down. You may want to have Shield Slam on a dedicated button for timely stuns against groups of enemies, though it is not completely necessary.

This build excels in area damage so grouping enemies will maximize your damage output from Lightning Fury, Holy Shock Aura and Hammers. At higher wormholes your usage of Shield Slam will become critical to your safety and success.

Your orbiting Steel Shields reflect projectiles which contributes a lot to the safety of the build.

Overall the gameplay is pretty simple, for tough packs and bosses you are able to utilize your decent range and high mobility to stay out of trouble, otherwise group them up and knock them down.


You want a ranged mercenary with the following gear:

  • Sleight Runeword Crossbow (Dau, Ist, Goh1, Hel, Ox) - Grants fanaticism aura, increasing your attack speed.
  • Fortress Runeword Steel Coat / Templar Coat / Sharktooth Armour (Fem, Goh8, Drax, Fox, Rex, Nut) - Chills enemies in a large radius
  • Sky Crusader Helm (4x Fem) - Survivability for the merc

Merc skills:

  • 1 into all skills
  • Max Multishot, Kneecap, Rapidfire, Rest into Piercing Shots

Hero Levels

Dump everything into strength until you unlock Ancient Power at level 50, then dump everything into that.


  • Get the 5 orbital relics: Demon Sheep, F.E.T.U.S, Guardian Angel, Shredder, Templar Shield.
  • Holy Grail and Magic Mushroom for +3 talents.
  • Storm Dagger and Titan's Gladius for damage procs. Storm Dagger comes with attack speed as well. Titan's Gladius proc doesn't one-shot bosses but deals heavy damage instead.
  • Rice & Chopsticks - Decreases boss damage.
  • Metal Detector - Locates mining nodes.
  • Movement speed relics - Spoon, Rock Belt, Blazing Boots, Monkey King Bar, Amazon Spear
  • Attack speed relics.
  • Damage proc relics - These appear to be pretty nerfed in season 9 but are still nice to have.
  • Flight - Monkey King Bar is the best option.


EDIT: After spending way too long testing this, Goh 5 runes are SIGNIFICANTLY more effective than Jex/Topaz/Dau. Goh 5 runes give an approximate 33% increase to dummy dps while other runes struggle to reach 5% on a good parse!

OLD: You will need enough Nut runes to hit dodge cap. From there fill the rest of your slots with Jex or PTopaz if you can't find Jex runes.

Gear Alternatives

  • Tribal boots can be swapped for Zeus Battle Boots - This is a DPS loss due to losing attack speed but is still a solid choice and comes with a tiny bit more movespeed.

  • Zeus Body Armour can be swapped for Genji's Battle Armour - Wooxy says boss items pretty much won't exist in this league. If you can get your hands on one it may be best in slot.

  • Torch of Shadows can be swapped for Aztech Coin - A large dps loss but provides dodge which frees up some rune slots in your other gear, a decent alternative if you can't afford torch.

  • Demonsteel Ring can be swapped for Satanic Eye - A great defensive option.

Comments (5)

  • Egg
    2020-05-02 23:54:39

    After painfully experiencing it myself i can say that the recipe for the Sleight bow here is wrong :( instead of the ist rune the crossbow needs the jah rune dont make my mistake ^_^

    other than that for a hero siege first timer this build is very fun.

  • Akke
    2020-03-21 13:53:25

    I don't recommend this for end-game content. It's not viable. See my shieldin build instead.

  • 2020-03-05 19:08:06

    Wow, thanks for sharing! I'm tryng my fisrt paladin <3

  • 2020-03-05 05:04:48

    I decided not to stray too much into the budget side of things. Truth is if you have any satanic in all your slots and a decently fast weapon you're gonna clear worldzones easily, you may not get far in wormholes without the suggested gear but you can get to farming status pretty easy with almost anything. Phaseblade is only about 50k at the time of writing but you are correct that it's in high demand. I was using Hiyoki's Vorpal Katana as a fast alternative for a while.

  • 2020-03-05 04:41:12

    needs more info for starters options like more alternative gearing such as weapons for 1 being the hardest thing to get when everyone wants the same dang weapon. im using a storm katana for a alternative for now for instance as azurewraths are not on the market at all.i believe theres some other quick weapons that could be decent alternatives as well but not sure which ones due to all the changes recently.